Accepted Submissions

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Adnan Taşdemir Adnan Taşdemir, Emre Biçer, Selmiye Alkan Gürsel and Alp Yürüm CNF and N-rGO Supported Urchin-Like TiO2 for Supercapacitor Application ORAL 88
Ali Altuntepe Ali Altuntepe, Selahattin Çelik and Ibrahim Pamuk Development of Ultra-Light Weight Stack for UAV Applications ORAL 30
Alisan Arasli Alisan Arasli Development of Methanol Reformer for Solid Oxide Fuel Cell POSTER 29
Alptekin Aydinli Alptekin Aydınlı, Recep Yüksel and Hüsnü Emrah Ünalan Carbon Nanotube – Polyaniline Nanocomposite Supercapacitor Electrodes POSTER 3
Aslihan Guler Aslihan Guler, Seyma Ozcan Duman, Mehmet Oguz Guler and Hatem Akbulut Template Synthesis of Nano Structured LiMn2O4 Cathode Electrodes for High Capacity Li-Ion Batteries POSTER 32
Aysegul Afal Genis Aysegul Afal Genis and Kadri Aydinol Ab initio Electronic Structure Calculations of LaBO3 (B= Cr, Mn and Fe) Perovskites ORAL 12
Ayşe Bayrakçeken Yurtcan Ayşe Bayrakçeken Yurtcan, Elif Daş and Selmiye Alkan Gürsel Supercritical carbon dioxide deposition as a promising catalyst preparation method for PEM fuel cell electrocatalysts ORAL 105
Ayşenur Öztürk Ayşenur Öztürk, Niyazi Özçelik and Ayşe Bayrakçeken Yurtcan Utilization of Different Surface Area Graphenes as Catalyst Support and PDMS Polymer as Catalyst Binder in PEM Fuel Cell POSTER 76
Ayşenur Öztürk Ayşenur Öztürk and Ayşe Bayrakçeken Yurtcan Synthesis of Polypyrrole (PPy) based Porous N-Doped Carbon Nanotubes (N-CNTs) as Catalyst Support for PEM Fuel Cells ORAL 77
Bahadir Keskin Bahadir Keskin and Utkan Şahintürk Comparing Capacitances of Modified Glassy Carbon Electrodes by Microwave asisted Reduced Graphene Oxide with Metallotphthalocyanines POSTER 92
Begüm Yarar Kaplan Begüm Yarar Kaplan, Navid Haghmoradi, Emre Biçer, César Merino and Selmiye Alkan Gürsel Rapid Microwave Assisted Synthesis of Efficient Hybrid Electrocatalysts for Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cell POSTER 85
Bengisu Yasar Bengisu Yasar, Dogancan Sari, Y. Eren Kalay and Tayfur Ozturk Characterization of cation segregation in La0.8Sr0.2CoO3-δ / (La0.5Sr0.5)2CoO4 heterostructure ORAL 18
Berke Pişkin Berke Pişkin, Cansu Savaş and Mehmet Kadri Aydınol Doping of layered Li(NixMnyCo1−x−y-zMz)O2 (z=W,Mo) cathode materials for lithium ion batteries ORAL 11
Bilal Genez Bilal Genez and Berker Fıçıcılar Enhancement of NaS Battery Performance Using Various Carbon Structures at the Cathode Side ORAL 46
Burak Aktekin Burak Aktekin, William R. Brant, Carl Tengstedt, Wolfgang Zipprich, Daniel Brandell and Kristina Edström Cation ordering in LiNi0.5-xMn1.5+xO4-y positive electrodes: heating under oxygen and electrochemical performance in Li-ion full-cells ORAL 90
Burcu Miser Burcu Miser and Kadri Aydinol Electrochemical Properties of Surface Processed Silicon Micro Particles for Secondary Lithium-Ion Battery Anodes ORAL 17
Burcu Arslan Burcu Arslan and Kadri Aydınol Production and Characterization of Ag-based Oxide Catalysts for Zinc-Air Batteries ORAL 20
Burcu Ünal Burcu Ünal, Burcu Dursun, Meral Aydın, Rezan Demir Cakan and Aysen Zerey Synthesis of carbohydrates-derived carbonaceous electrode materials and their Na-ion battery performances POSTER 38
Burcu Miser Burcu Miser, Pelin Livan, Sertaç Altınok, Cavit Eyövge, Tayfur Öztürk and Mehmet Kadri Aydınol Effect of Different Binders on Cyclic Performance of Si/C Anodes for Secondary Lithium-Ion Batteries ORAL 91
Can Sindirac Can Sindirac, Aligul Buyukaksoy and Sedat Akkurt Electrochemical Performance of La0.6Sr0.4Co0.8Fe0.2O3 – Ce0.9Gd0.1O2 Composite SOFC Cathodes Fabricated by Electrocatalyst and Electrocatalyst-Ionic Conductor Infiltration ORAL 35
Cansu Savaş Cansu Savaş, Berke Pişkin and Kadri Aydınol The effect of lithium amount on electrochemical and structural characteristics of Lix(Ni0.80Co0.15Al0.05)O2 cathode active materials for lithium-ion batteries ORAL 5
Cavit Eyovge Cavit Eyovge and Tayfur Oztürk Surface Modified Magnesium Based Negative Electrode Material for NiMH Batteries ORAL 7
Crina Silvia Ilea Crina Suciu, Ivar Waernhus and Arild Vik Clean Highly Efficient Offshore Power with CO2 Capture (CHEOP-CC) ORAL 113
Dag Noreus Mylad Chamoun, Yang Shen and Dag Noréus Topics in alkaline batteries: MH-, Fe-, Zn-anodes and Ni-, Air-, MnO2-cathodes ORAL 108
Damla Eroglu Nisa Erisen, Nur Ber Emerce and Damla Eroglu Electrochemical Performance Model for the Lithium-Sulfur Battery Based on Cathode Design Parameters ORAL 37
Deepak Dubal Deepak Dubal and Pedro Gomez-Romero BiVO4 Nanorods as a Novel Anode Material for High Energy and Power Density Lithium Ion Capacitor ORAL 23
Dogancan Sari Dogancan Sari, Ziya Cagri Torunoglu, Yunus Eren Kalay and Tayfur Ozturk Combinatorial Development of Thin Film La0.8Sr0.2CoO3-δ / (La0.5Sr0.5)2CoO4 Cathode Materials for Intermediate Temperature Solid Oxide Fuel Cells ORAL 8
Dogancan Sari Dogancan Sari, Ziya Cagri Torunoglu, Yunus Eren Kalay and Tayfur Ozturk Preparation of La0.8Sr0.2CoO3-δ / (La0.5Sr0.5)2CoO4 Sputtering Targets Using Deformable Compaction Die POSTER 15
Duncan Fagg Narendar Nasani, D. Pukazhselvan and Duncan Fagg Protonic Ceramic Electrochemical Cells ORAL 112
Duncan Fagg Duncan Fagg Fabrication and testing of anode supported Protonic Ceramic Fuel Cells in biogas ORAL 72
Neriman Sinan Neriman Sinan and Ece Unur Enhanced supercapacitive performance of Fe3O4/Carbon nanocomposite in surfactant-added aqueous electrolyte POSTER 52
Eda Aysal Eda Aysal and Tayfur Öztürk Cu-GDC anode and GDC electrolyte substrates for combinatorial development of IT-SOFCs POSTER 16
Elif Das Elif DaŞ and Ayşe BayrakÇeken Yurtcan Chemically Synthesized Reduced Graphene Oxide-Carbon Black based Hybrid Catalysts for PEM Fuel Cells POSTER 58
Elif Das Elif Das, Selmiye Alkan Gursel and Ayse Bayrakceken Yurtcan Synthesis and Characterization of Bimetallic Catalysts for PEM Fuel Cells POSTER 59
Elif Das Elif Das, Selmiye Alkan Gursel and Ayse Bayrakceken Yurtcan Durability Investigation of Graphene Supported Bimetallic Catalysts for PEM Fuel Cell Applications POSTER 60
Elif Ceylan Cengiz Elif Ceylan Cengiz and Rezan Demir Çakan Application of Interlayers as Polysulfide Adsorbers in Lithium-Sulfur (Li-S) Batteries ORAL 27
Ersu Lökçü Ersu Lökçü and Mustafa Anık Development of a controlled porous graphene based cathodes for Li-air batteries ORAL 54
Eteri Kachibaia Eteri Kachibaia, Rupi Imnadze, Tamar Paikidze and Elene Gundishvili LiMexNi0.5-xMn1.5O4-type COMPOUNDS AS PROMISING CATHODE MATERIALS for Li-ION BATTERIES POSTER 25
Fatih Pişkin Fatih Pişkin and Tayfur Öztürk Combinatorial evaluation of thin film Nb-Pd-Ti ternary membranes for hydrogen separation ORAL 2
Fatih Piskin Fatih Piskin, Roland Bliem and Bilge Yildiz Effect of crystal orientation on the aliovalent dopant segregation at the surface of La0.6Sr0.4CoO3 ORAL 51
Fatma Nur Tuzluca Fatma Nur Tuzluca, Yasar Ozkan Yesilbag and Mehmet Ertugrul One-dimensional CoMn2O4 nanowire arrays for supercapacitor applications ORAL 44
Gokce S. Avcioglu Gokce S. Avcioglu, Berker Ficicilar and Inci Eroglu Improved PEM fuel cell performance with hydrophobic catalyst layers ORAL 53
Hakan Görçay Hakan Görçay, İlhami Çelik and Yücel Şahİn Poly(9-phenantrenyl-2,5-di(2-thienyl)pyrrole-co-pyrrole) based pencil graphite electrode for electrochemical supercapacitors POSTER 68
Hakan Görçay Hakan Görçay, İlhami Çelik and Yücel Şahİn Electrochemical synthesis of poly(6-chrysenly-2,5-di(2-thienyl)pyrrole-co-pyrrole) film for supercapacitor electrode materials POSTER 69
Hatem Akbulut Hatem Akbulut, Hatice Gungor, Aslihan Guler, Seyma Ozcan Duman, Aslan Coban and Mehmet Oguz Guler Graphene Assisted NMC Based Cathode Electrodes with Enhanced Charge Rate and Energy Storage POSTER 99
Hatem Akbulut Hatem Akbulut, Mahmud Tokur, Aslihan Guler, Seyma Ozcan and Mehmet Oguz Guler Nanocarbon Composite Electrodes: Synthesis and Application for Li-Ion Batteries ORAL 100
Hilal Köse Hilal KÖse, Şeyma Dombaycıoğlu, Hatem Akbulut and Ali Osman Aydin CNT-Graphene Based Hybrid Architectures for ZnO Nanocomposite Anodes POSTER 48
Hilal Köse Hilal Köse, Seyma Dombaycıoğlu and Ali Osman Aydın Binder-free ZnO-SnO2-rGO Nanocomposite Paper Anodes for Li-ion Batteries POSTER 93
Hiroshi Inoue Hiroshi Inoue, Masanobu Chiku and Eiji Higuchi Anode catalysts for use in direct glycerol fuel cells ORAL 78
Hürmüs Gürsu Hürmüs Gürsu, Metin Gençten and Yücel Şahin Investigation of over oxidized graphite based electrodes for vanadium redox battery POSTER 64
Hürmüs Gürsu Hürmüs Gürsu, Metin Gençten and Yücel Şahin Electrochemically modified graphite based electrodes at constant potential for positive electrolyte of vanadium redox battery POSTER 65
Hürmüs Gürsu Hürmüs Gürsu, Metin Gençten and Yücel Şahin Synthesis of polypyrrole modified graphite based electrodes for vanadium redox battery POSTER 66
Jasmina Grbovic Novakovic Jasmina Grbovic Novakovic, Sandra Kurko, Sanja Milosevic, Nikola Novakovic, Nikola Biliskov, Davor Galonja and Maja Buljan Synthesis and hydrogen storage properties of Mg-V-H thin films POSTER 71
Junxian Zhang Junxian Zhang, Nicola Berti, Fermin Cuevas and Michel Latroche Hydrides as negative electrode material of Li-ion batteries ORAL 75
Kadir Özgün Köse Kadir Özgün Köse and Kadri Aydınol Porosity Optimization via Carbon dioxide Treatment of Chemically Activated Carbons for EDLC Applications ORAL 10
Kamil Burak Dermenci Kamil Burak Dermenci, Tunç Yanık, Sevinç Dağ, Ender Suvacı and Servet Turan The Effect of Porosities on the Electrochemical Properties of ZnO Anode Materials with MicNo® Morphology POSTER 70
Kamile Burcu Celik Kamile Burcu Celik, Elif Ceylan Cengiz, Taner Sar, Burcu Dursun, Meltem Yesilcimen Akbas and Rezan Demir-Cakan The Enhancement of Electrochemical Properties By Using Bacterial Cellulose Interlayers In Li-S Batteries POSTER 36
Lydia Pickering Lydia Pickering, Moegamat Wafeeq Davids, Mykyahlo Lototskyy and Cordellia Sita Development of Ti-based AB2-type Metal Hydrides for Hydrogen Storage and Compression Applications ORAL 89
M. Suha Yazici M. Suha Yazici, Omer Salihoglu, M. Akif Azder, Cigdem Karadag and Fatma Gul Boyaci-San CVD graphene as catalyst support for acid electrolytes ORAL 26
Mahmud Tokur Mahmud Tokur and Hatem Akbulut The design of a Lithium Ion Full Cell Battery Employing Silicon/Graphene Anode and αMnO2/Graphene Cathode POSTER 22
María Lavorante María Lavorante, Juan Isidro Franco and Yanina Reynoso Straight-parallel electrodes and variable gap for hydrogen and oxygen evolution reactions POSTER 62
Mehmet Oguz Guler Mehmet Oguz Guler, Mustafa Guzeler, Deniz Nalci, Aslihan Guler and Hatem Akbulut Graphene Assisted Core Shell Sn@C Hybrid Nano Composites Anode Electrodes for Li-Ion Batteries POSTER 31
Mete Batuhan Durukan Mete Batuhan Durukan, Recep Yüksel and Husnu Emrah Unalan Single Walled Carbon Nanotube Thin Films Decorated with Cobalt Oxide Nanoflakes for Supercapacitor Electrodes POSTER 79
Metin Gençten Metin GenÇten, Hürmüs GÜrsu and Yücel Şahİn A novel inorganic additive for vanadium redox flow battery ORAL 39
Metin Gençten Metin GenÇten, Hürmüs GÜrsu and Yücel Şahİn The effects of boroxide on the electrochemical behaviors of a VRB POSTER 40
Metin Gençten Metin Gençten, Hürmüs Gürsu and Yücel Şahin Electrochemical investigation the effects of an organic solvent on a VRB POSTER 41
Mohammad Ziauddin Chowdhury Mohammad Ziauddin Chowdhury and Bora Timurkutluk Numerical Analysis of Pressure Drop Due To Channel Bend Effect in Serpentine Flow Field Pattern ORAL 57
Montse Casas-Cabanas Maider Zarrabeitia, Montse Galceran, Antonio Jesus Fernandez-Ropero, Agnieszka Wizner, Morgane Giner, Damien Saurel, Marine Reynaud, Miguel Angel Munoz-Marquez, A. Saracibar, Michel Armand, Teofilo Rojo and Montse Casas-Cabanas High energy electrode materials for rechargeable Na-ion batteries ORAL 109
Musah Abdulai Musah Abdulai, Kamil Burak Dermenci and Servet Turan SPS Sintering of Al stabilized Li7La3Zr2O12 Solid Electrolytes POSTER 101
Muslum Demir Muslum Demir, Jethrine H. Mugumya, Sushil K. Saraswat and Ram B. Gupta N-doped Bio-carbon derived from Pea Protein with Outstanding Supercapacitance Performance ORAL 82
Mustafa Can Mustafa Can, Samet Celebi, Merve Sayin ÖzÇelİk and Tuğrul Çetİnkaya Electrochemical Performance of Au@Pd Core-Shell Nanoparticles decorated Graphene-PEDOT:PSS composite cathode for Li-Air Batteries POSTER 21
Mustafa Erkartal Mustafa Erkartal Boronic Acid Moiety as Functional Defect in UiO-66 and Its Effect on Hydrogen Uptake Capacity ORAL 67
Mustafa Ürgen Mustafa Ürgen, Nazlı Tokmak Nickel Oxide Based Materials For Supercapacitor Applications ORAL 111
Münir Taner Güler Münir Taner Güler, Cigdem Timurkutluk and Selahattin Celik Development of Metal Supported Solid Oxide Fuel Cell ORAL 55
Mykhaylo Lototskyy Mykhaylo Lototskyy, Serge Nyallang Nyamsi, Sivakumar Pasupathi, Ivar Wærnhus, Arild Vik, Crina Ilea and Volodymyr Yartys A concept of combined cooling, heating and power system utilising solar power and based on regenerative solid oxide fuel cell and metal hydrides ORAL 102
Necdet Ozgur Daricioglu Necdet Ozgur Daricioglu, Cavit Eyovge and Tayfur Ozturk Development of Positive Electrode Materials for NiMH Batteries POSTER 9
Niyazi Özçelik Niyazi Özçelik and Ayşe Bayrakçeken Yurtcan The effect of nitrogen doping amount on the activity of commercial electrocatalyst used in PEM fuel cells POSTER 80
Niyazi Özçelik M.Selim Çögenli, Niyazi Özçelik and Ayşe Bayrakçeken Yurtcan Preparation of nitrogen doped graphene aerogel and carbon support materials and catalytic activities towards formic acid oxidation POSTER 81
Ozlem Sel Ozlem Sel Coupled Electrochemical and Electrogravimetric Methods for Energy Storage and Conversion ORAL 106
Pelin Livan Pelin Livan, Burcu Miser, Cavit Eyövge, Mehmet Kadri Aydınol and Tayfur Öztürk Carbon Encapsulation and Encapsulated Si Particles for Energy Storage ORAL 96
Ramiz Gultekin Akay Ramiz Gultekin Akay, Kursat Can Ata and Cenk Çelik Novel Direct Borohydride Fuel Cell membranes based on SPEEK and PBI ORAL 33
Rezan Demir-Cakan Rezan Demir-Cakan, Elif Ceylan Cengiz and Omer Salihoglu Li-S Batteries Beyond the Hype: Future for Electrical Vehicles? ORAL 104
Safa Koc Safa Koc , Selahattin Celik and Serkan Toros Three Dimensional Modeling of Anode Microstructure in Solid Oxide Fuel Cells ORAL 56
Saim Özkar Saim Özkar Ammonia borane as hydrogen storage materials ORAL 107
Salim Erol Salim Erol Li7La3Zr2O12 fibers as an electrolyte for all-solid-state Li-ion batteries POSTER 84
Sandra Kurko Sandra Kurko, Bojana Paskaš Mamula, Sanja Milošević, Jasmina Grbović Novaković and Nikola Novaković Vacancies influence on MgH2 properties POSTER 50
Semih Engün Semih Engün, Kamil Burak Dermenci and Servet Turan The Effect of the Li source on the ionic conductivity of Li7La3Zr2O12 Solid Electrolytes POSTER 73
Serkan Sevinç Burak Teki̇n, Eren Demİr and Rezan Demİr Çakan Investigation of intercalation of multivalent-ions into Lambda-MnO2 structure in aqueous electrolytes batteries POSTER 86
Serkan Sevinç Serkan Sevinç, Burak Teki̇n and Rezan Demİr Çakan In-situ Investigation of NaFePO4 Electrochemical Conversion From LiFePO4 in Aqueous Electrolyte Batteries POSTER 87
Servet Turan Servet Turan, Umut Savacı and Kamil Burak Dermenci State of the Art on Electron Microscopy Techniques for the Lithium Detection in Lithium Containing Energy Materials ORAL 74
Seyma Ozcan Seyma Ozcan, Aslıhan Guler, Mehmet Oguz Guler and Hatem Akbulut The Effect of Binders on the Electrochemical Properties of MnO2 Cathodes ORAL 34
Şaban Patat Şaban Patat, Süleyman Yıldız, Nazlı Özdemir and Ahmet Ülgen High Performance Layered O3-NaMx1My2Mz3Mk4Ml5Mm6O2 Cathode Materials for Sodium-Ion Batteries ORAL 98
Şeyma Dombaycıoğlu Şeyma Dombaycıoğlu, Hilal Köse, Hatem Akbulut and Ali Osman Aydın Using Oxide Based Electrolyte Additives in High Performance Li-ion Batteries POSTER 49
Şeyma Dombaycıoğlu Şeyma Dombaycıoğlu, Hilal Köse and Ali Osman Aydın Fe2O3/rGO Nanocomposite Free-Standing Anodes for Li-ion Batteries POSTER 94
Tayfur Öztürk Burak Aktekin, Cavit Eyövge and Tayfur ÖztÜrk Carbon Encapsulation of Mg based materials as a negative electrode for NiMH batteries POSTER 14
Vahit Kurt Vahit Kurt Optimization of Graphene Synthesis by Electrochemical Exfoliation of Graphite POSTER 19
Vlodymyr Yartys Vlodymyr Yartys Energy storage materials probed by in situ neutron and synchrotron diffraction 110
Yang Shen Yang Shen, Dag Noréus, Björn Skårman and Hilmar Vidarsson A method for improving metal hydride surfaces for NiMH cells ORAL 47
Yasar Ozkan Yesilbag Yasar Ozkan Yesilbag, Fatma Nur Tuzluca and Mehmet Ertugrul Co3O4 nanostructures with high supercapacitive performance ORAL 45
Yelda Akdeniz Çiğdem Timurkutluk, Yelda Akdeniz and Bora Timurkutluk Fabrication and characterization of MEAs for low temperature SOFCs ORAL 61
Ziya Cagri Torunoglu Ziya Cagri Torunoglu, Dogancan Sarı, Oktay Demircan, Y. Eren Kalay, Tayfur Ozturk and Yener Kuru One pot Pechini synthesis of (La,Sr)CoO3/(La,Sr)2CoO4 for Cathodes of IT-SOFCs ORAL 13