The symposium mESC-IS 21 originally planned as hybrid event, i.e. both online as well as face-to-face meeting, will be held online only. Therefore the venue item is no longer applicable to mESC-IS21

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The Venue for the symposium is Yucelen Hotel, Akyaka,Muğla and Mugla Sıtkı Kocman University

Akyaka is situated at the tip of Gulf of Gokova in Agean Cost in close proximity ( one hour drive) to two international airports; Dalaman and Milas . Though the place is of considerable tourist attraction and heavily populated in July and August, It is expected to be relatively calm at the time of symposum. 

Yucelen Hotel where the symposium will take place is 4 star hotel with good meeting facilities. The hotel houses three meeting halls, the largest of which could accomodate a total of 130 participants.


Please book your accomodation as early as you can. We would strongly reccomend you to book your hotel/lodging before July  15th or July 31st at the latest. In booking your hotel always ask for an option for free cancellation  as, if the need arises,  you might  switch to the virtual version of the symposium.

Yucelen Hotel
You might prefer to stay in Yucelen Hotel where the symposium will take place. For this we recommend you either to book the hotel via hotel booking sites or you might book the hotel directly using the form given at this link . For the latter, please fill the form and send it to ( send a copy of your e-mail for book keeping purposes also to

Other Hotels and Lodgings
Or equally you might prefer to stay in other hotels or lodgings as most are within walking distance to the symposium venue. Please check the map below for the precise location of the venue in selecting your hotel.