mESC-IS 2019

In mESC-IS 2019, the poster session held on the second day of symposium  in open air from 12:30 to 15:30 . Team of reviewers have scrutinized  over 45 posters and  has selected  three posters for the award.

The winners were (alphabetical order).

1- Gözde Karaoğlu (Bilkent University), “Electrochemical Noise Measurements and Their Chemical Origins in Primary Li Batteries

2- Mehmet Mert Köse ( Middle East Technical University ) “Development of Hydrogen Purification Membrane based on Pd-Mn-Ag Ternary System”

3- Adnan Taşpınar(Bilkent University)  “CeO2 based Catalyst Nanostructures for High capacity Li-air Battery Electrodes