mESC-IS 2021

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The fifth International Symposium on Materials for Energy Storage and Conversion (mESC-IS 21) has taken place in virtual mode 11-14 September 2021. Three circulars were distributed starting from January to July 2022 and submissions were invited in four major activity areas, namely i) batteries and supercapacitors, ii) fuel/electrolytic cells iii) hydrides for energy storage and conversion and iv) active material development and recycling. The spesific topics for which the invitations were issued were as follows;

 Batteries & Supercapacitors

-Novel battery chemistries
-Li-ion /Na-ion batteries
-Metal-air batteries
-Flow batteries
-Alkaline batteries
-Capacitive energy storage systems
 Fuel / Electrolytic Cells

-Advances in electrolysers
-Advances in fuel cells
-Reversible fuel cells 
-Novel processing in cell & stack materials
 Hydrides for Energy Storage & Conversion
-Novel materials for hydrogen storage
-Materials for hydrogen transport
-Hydrogen separation membranes
-Hydrides for hydrogen compression
-Hydrides for thermal energy storage
   Active Material Development and Recycling
-Development of catalysts and catalyst support
-Active material processing 
-Battery recovery and recycling  

A total of 136 papers were accepted for the symposium. Of these 38 were in plenary sessions and 60 were in parallel sessions. Poster session was held in with a considerable success in which a total of 38 posters were presented. Based on the evaluation of session chairs, the best poster awards were granted to Mete Batuhan Durukan (Middle East Technical University ), Semih Engün (Eskisehir Technical University) Deniz Kuruahmet (Sakarya University ) Sema Topal ( Istanbul Technical University) and William Wheeler (École Centrale de Lyon). Also entry level best poster award was granted to Orhun Oguz (Istanbul Technical University)

Abstracts/full papers presented at the symposium are avaliable at Proceedings-mESC-IS 2021. Selected papers from this symposium are also published as a special issue Energy Storage and Conversion: Materials to Applications” in the International Journal of Energy Research.

The event, mESC-IS 21, was made possible with the generous support of several institutions. The support of TUBITAK through programmes 2223-B and 2237-A is gratefully acknowledged. Contributions from IRN-FACES added an additional depth to this symposium and we thank Dr. Fermin Cuevas making this participation possible. We also acknowledge the support of METU, in particular Professor Y. Eren Kalay, in providing technical support for an online poster session. We would like to thank Professor Ibrahim Dincer, Editor in Chief, IJER, for the opportunity to publish the selected papers from this symposium as a special issue.

Finally we thank all session chairs, authors and participants for their valuable contributions.

mESC-IS 2021 Organizing Committee