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mESC-ISS 2015
International Summer School on Materials for Energy Storage and Conversion

3-6 September 2015 METU, Ankara

The summer school on materials for energy storage and conversion has taken place in the Department of Metallurgical and Materials Engineering, Middle East Technical University, between 3-6 Septmeber 2015. Applications were accepted in three rounds and ended June 8th 2015. A total of 73 applicants in two groups were accepted to the school.

The school concentrated on advanced characterization techniques common to all three activity areas, namely Solid State Hydrogen Storage(SSHS), Fuel Cells and Batteries . It also comprised overviews on energy storage and conversion, electrochemical hydrogen storage, Li-ion batteries, supercapacitors and solid oxide fuel cells.

Topics covered in the school are listed below;

Andreas Züttel Energy Conversion & Storage, Hydrogen Storage, From Hydrogen to Hydrocarbons
Luca Pasquini Thermodynamics & Kinetics of Metal Hydrides
Enrico Traversa Overview: Electrode &Electrolyte materials for Solid Oxide Fuel Cells
François Beguin Overview: Capacitative Energy Storage
Dag Noreus Materials for Electrochemical Hydrogen Storage
Rachid Yazami Overview: Electrode, Electrolyte materials for LIB

Torben R. Jensen Overview : Techniques of Material Characterization
Darren Brooom Measurement of Hydrogen Storage in Solids
Olena Zavorotynska Infrared & Raman Spectroscopy
Meltem Sezen Focus Ion Beam Microscopy
Y. Eren Kalay Advanced Microscopical Techniques

The School was supported by COST Action MP1103 (Nanostructured Materials for Solid-State Storage) and provided support, in part, for the instructors as well as 20 scholarships for the participants.