mESC-School 17

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The Summer school on Materials for Energy Storage and Conversion was a 3 days training school 23-25 September 2017 which preceded the symposium. Pre-applications were collected for the school in four rounds; the first starting mid-may and the final round ending on September 18th. A total of 58 applicants were accepted to the program.The venue was Dorukkaya Hotel in Ortahisar, Capapdocia, i.e. the same as that of symposium.

The school  concentrated on advanced characterization techniques common to all three activity areas, Batteries, Fuel Cells and Solid State Hydrogen Storage(SSHS) as well as on overviews on selected topics in Batteries, Fuel cells and SSHS.

A view from closing session of mESC School 17. A number of proposals were made in the session so as to further improve the school. One important outcome of this session was the introduction of hands-on sessions, which was adopted in mESC-School 19 onwards.

Topics covered in the summer school;

Material Characterization

M. Kadri Aydınol :How to Make A Battery:Cell Making Processes (T)
Gulfeza Kardas :Electrochemical Techniques (T)
Y.Eren Kalay:Advanced  Electron Microscopy Techniques in Material Characterization
Meltem Sezen:Focus Ion Beam Techniques in Material Characterization
Burak Ülgüt: Impedance Spectroscopy and its Applications in Energy Storage
Vlodymyr Yartys: Energy Storage Materials probed by In Situ Neutron and Synchrotron Diffraction


Montse Casas-Cabanas: Overview:Na-ion Batteries
Dag Noreus: Overview: Alkaline Batteries
Mehmet Ali Gulgun: Overview: Intermediate Temperature Solid Oxide Fuel Cells
Saim Özkar:Catalysis: A Brief Overview
Saban Patat: All solid state Li-ion batterries(T)
H.Emrah Unalan: Supercapasitors(T) 

(T)Topics marked with (T) were  scheduled for 23rd September for Enerji Malzemeleri Yazokulu and delivered in Turkish.

mESC Scool 2017   was supported by TUBITAK-BİDEB  2229  Program