mESC-IS 2019

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The 4th International Symposium on Materials for Energy Storage and Conversion (mESC-IS 2019) was held  11-13 September 2019   in Akyaka,  Mugla. The symposium, as usual, had  have a fair balance of plenary sessions on cross-cutting issues and the state of the art reviews. This was in in-depth parallel sessions on specific topics with invited, contributed papers and poster presentations.

A total of three circulars were distributed for abstract submission starting from April 1st continued to June 16th 2019,  later extended to September 4th ( for poster submission only). Abstracts were invited in the areas of  i)Batteries & Supercapacitors, ii) Fuel / Electrolytic Cells  and  iii)Hydrides for Energy Storage & Conversion

Batteries & Supercapacitors

  • Novel battery chemistries
  • Li-ion/Na-ion batteries
  • Li-S batteries
  • Metal-air batteries
  • Microbatteries
  • Electrode/electrolyte interface & associated phenomenon
  • Batteries for grid energy storage
  • Capacitive energy storage systems

Fuel Cells & Electrolysers

  • Advances in IT Solid Oxide Fuel Cells
  • Protonic fuel cells
  • Fuel cell catalysts and catalyst support
  • High temperature PEM fuel cells
  • Electrolytes; oxygen ion, proton & mixed conductors
  • Electrolytic cells for H2O and CO2 reduction
  • Electrolytes; oxygen ion, proton & mixed conductors
  • Novel processing in cell and stack materials

Hydrides for Energy Storage & Conversion

  • Hydrides as anodes and electrolytes for ..rechargeable batteries
  • Synthesis of novel materials for SSHS
  • Computational modeling of processes in SSHS
  • Metal hydrides for thermal energy storage
  • Hydrogen separation membranes at reduced temperatures

The symposium followed a 4 day summer school from September 7th to 10th  2019  held in the premises of  The School of Engineering, Mugla Sıtkı Kocman University. 

The symposium comprised 25 plenaries and 60 oral presentations in parallel sessions. A total of 45 presentations were made in poster sessions scheduled in the afternoon of the second day of the symposium.  A total of 3 poster awards were presented on the closing session. The recipients were Gözde Karaoğlu (Bilkent University), Mehmet Mert Köse ( Middle East Technical University) and Adnan Taşpınar  (Sabancı University). 

The symposum was closed with  a boat excursion to  Dalyan Iztuzu Beach followed by Symposium Dinner at Safran Restaurant in Dalyan.