Please prepare your submission in MS word (docx) using the mESC-IS one-page-abstract template (see note at the bottom). You may refer to an example given at this link and modify  it instead.

Once it is complete, save it either your name _surname _draft.docx or name _surname _final.docx  (see below)

[We use microsoft CMT for the submission of the one-page abstract. So please link to mESC-IS 23 Abstract Submission to upload your one page abstract. If you do not have an account at microsoft CMT, you will be asked to create one, please follow the instructions ]

Once you get to CMT please press “create new submission” . In place of abstract, please paste the main body of your one-page abstract. You upload your one-page abstarct to FILES section. Only docx format is allowed

If necessary you can modify your abstract as many times as you would desire. If you want to do so make sure that your file name is name _surname _draft.docx. If your file name is name _surname _final .docx, we assume that you finalized your submission and we will send it for review. You can still modify your submission, though . Please note that modification will not be possible after the abstract submission deadline.

Authors will be notified of the results within a month after their “finalised” submission. We plan to finish all notifications before June 1st 2023.

If you have any questions, please contact us m-t(at)

Important note: If you are willing to submit a full paper in place of one-page-abstract you can do so using the template given at this link. In the book of abstract only the first page of the full paper will be published in the printed form. Participants would have access to all abstracts/full papers as they will be published online after the symposium.