mESC-IS 2017

Welcome Reception 
The welcome reception will be held in the same place as the symposium venue, i.e. Dilek Kaya Hotel, Ortahisar, September 25th from 18:00 to 20:00

Wednesday Afternoon Program

September is an ideal time to visit Cappadocia as already colorful scenery is enriched further by the autumn colors. September is also a vintage time for grape growers. It should  be remembered that vineyards have been a part of the scenery here for more than 7000 years.
The program on Wednesday afternoon starts with the Göreme Open Air Museum. But before you depart from the hotel make sure that you have a comfortable walking shoes. We would also suggest layered clothing so that you can adjust your clothing depending on how you would feel on the way.
The museum is impressive comprising a number of cave churches, chapels with excellent frescos’. You might spent all of your afternoon here  but since there are also cave churches along the hiking routes, our advise, however, would be to spend just 1.5 hours here and leave the museum at 15:30.

For hiking, i)we will cross “camping” site and move to Meskendir Valley trailhead which is a short distance away from the museum entrance. As seen in the map, Meskendir Valley extends from Ortahisar to all the way down to Çavusin, a trail of 4400 m. The trailhead is particularly impressive and spend sometime here to enjoy the commanding view of the valleys. Then descend down to the valley. This is a nice trail, very enjoyable to walk with cave churches, dove cotes etc (see map for their location). This Valley which runs from south to north is joined by three valleys; Kızılçukur, Güllüdere-I and Güllüdere-II, running from the east. Our normal route is to hike the main walley all the way down to Çavuşin. ii)If you are keen on  more demanding  route (and would like to skip  Göreme Museum, i.e. you have seen it before), we might drop you at the  Kızılçukur Valley on our way to Museum.  You might then hike to Çavuşın which would take longer and you can arrive Çavuşın  more or less  at the same time as the first group. iii)The third alternative  would be  you might skip hiking altogether and following Goreme Open Air Museum, you might like to stroll around Goreme  for shopping etc. Regardless of which alternative you prefer,  you have to be ready   at the designated locations(will be announced) , to be taken to Hotel before 17:00 so that we will  get ready for the Gala Dinner.

Gala Dinner 
There are a number of alternatives for Gala Dinner. One of which  is  Nyssa Restaurant in north-east of Ürgüp on the way to Ulaşlı Köyü. The restaurant is in a secluded place with a very impressive view of Urgüp. We plan to have the dinner in open air which would give us a chance to enjoy the scenery.We plan to return to the Hotel not later than 24:00.

Accompanying Persons Program
There will be a meeting with accompanying persons on September 26th (Tuesday),  at 9:30 AM in Hotel Reception Area to determine the three-days program. Activities in the program might include visits to Kaymaklı and/or Derinkuyu underground cities, hiking in nearby valleys, visits to other towns in Cappadocia or taking part in evening cultural programs such as Whirling Dervishes Ceremony.