Daily Routine

We expect that many of us would be staying in Akyaka . So we plan a shifted schedule throughout the symposium, ie. we plan to start technical sessions at 10:30 in the morning at Mugla University( buses will depart at 10:00 in Akyaka at Yucelen) and finish the session at 19:00 in the evening. So we would have a total of 4 sessions as usual. This would give us an opportunity to enjoy Akyaka as a cittaslow town.

Thursday Evening Program & Symposium Dinner ( tentative)

On the fourth day of the symposium, i.e. Thursday, we plan to have three sessions ( rather than the usual four ) and finish the technical sessions at around 15:00. After a coffe break, the buses will depart for Akyaka where we would have a 2-3 hours of free time. You may just relax in the nice setting of Yucelen Hotel or cafes or you may take advantage of this interval and take a boat tour of Azmak river which is a little distance away at the eastern end of the town.

Our current plan for the evening is to depart at 17:30pm for Dalyan. We plan to take a boat tour of Dalyan river up to Iztuzu beach (turtles’ breeding ground) or if you prefer we may arrange for you a visit to Kaunos Antique City nearby. Symposium Dinner will take place at Alegria Restaurant, Dalyan at the shore of the river. We plan to start the dinner at 8:00 pm.The restaurant faces Lycian Rock Tombs on the other side of the river illuminated during the night. We plan to have the dinner in open air which would give us a chance to enjoy the scenery. We plan to return to Akyaka- Mugla not later than 24:00.