There are  numerous alternatives especially in Akyaka for accomodation. You may use online booking sites to book your hotel. Please link to the map below to find out the location of hotels. Please note that Akyaka is not flat but rises steadily as you go north away froom the seashore.

The red line shown on the map is the bus route (tentative) that we will follow from Akyaka to Mugla Convention Center. The bus will depart from Yucelen Hotel, there will be other stops on the way, the exact locations will be announced later on this web site.

As can be checked with booking sites, the cost of accomodation varies over a wide range . You might prefer to stay in Yucelen hotel a 4 star hotel for which we have a special discount. We might add few more hotels in coming weeks so to widen the price range; e.g. Hamle Hotel or Limon Hotel if they offer us a special discount. But please go ahead and make your choice using the booking sites.

Apart hotels are quite common in Akyaka where the charge is per room or per apartment.

Mugla Foundation rents Bungalows in the forest area, within walking distance to Yucelen Hotel (Orman Kampı Taş Evleri, see the map below)) which are quite attractive especially if you are participating as a group. It is necessary to book them early(several bungalows are reserved for mESC-IS/INESS up to April 10th). If it is missed, there is always the option of setting up your tent for which you are also advised to make the reservation.

Akyaka Map with links

Athough our base is Akyaka for the symposium, you might prefer to stay in Mugla. This would have the advantage that the place would be closer to Mugla University Convention Center where the event will take place. Please link to the map shown below to explore the options available for accomodation.

In campus accomodation is also possible. There are a number of options in terms of dormitories; You might go for RESIDORM and make your reservation there or you might alternatively go for KYK dormitories for which the reservation form is available at this link.

Mugla City Map with links

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