mESC-IS 2023

Akyaka and Gökova bay a view from Sakar Geçidi

mESC-IS and INESS  invite you to contribute to the joint event which will take place on  17-21 July 2023, Mugla, Turkey. mESC-IS, “International Symposium on Materials for Energy Storage and Conversion“,  was inaugurated in 2015 in Ankara and has taken place in various locations in Eastern Europe with participants from Europe, Caucuses, Middle East, Mediteranean rim, Africa and  some participants from North America. INESS, based in Astana, has a long tradition of holding conferences, i.e. “International Conference on Nanomaterials and Advanced Energy storage system“,  with participants from the region at large, including Korea, Japan and China.

We invite you to join us in Mugla for the joint sessions of mESC-IS and INESS . We would be happy to have your submission here at mESC-IS or you may alternatively choose to make your submission at INESS.

Our base will be Akyaka ,a small township at the end of Gokova bay in the Aegean coast. The venue is   Mugla University Convention Center, 20 minutes drive away from Akyaka.

As before the symposium mESC-IS will provide a forum for discussion in recent progress made in three major activity areas, namely i) batteries and supercapacitors, ii) fuel/electrolytic cells, and iii) hydrogen for energy storage and transport. The symposium will also have special sessions on iv) research methods in batteries and fuel cells and v) prototyping, life assessment and battery recycling. The symposium will have a fair balance of plenary sessions on cross-cutting issues and the state-of-the-art reviews plus in-depth parallel sessions on specific topics with invited, contributed papers and poster presentations.

Batteries & Supercapacitors

  • Multivalent ion batteries
  • All solid state batteries
  • Enhancing the performance of Li-ion batteries
  • Li-S batteries
  • Na-ion and K-ion batteries
  • Aqueous batteries
  • Metal-air batteries
  • Flow batteries
  • Capacitive energy storage

Fuel / Electrolytic Cells

  • Electrolysers (Alkaline, PEM, SOEC)
  • Electrochemical synthesis of fuels and chemicals
  • Enhancing the performance of PEM fuel cells
  • Low and intermediate temperature SOFCs
  • Direct liquid fuel cells
  • Reversible fuel cells 
  • Novel processing in cell & stack materials

Hydrogen for Energy Storage & Transport

  • Hydrogen production via water splitting
  • Novel materials for solid-state hydrogen storage
  • Dense membranes for hydrogen separation
  • Hydrogen compression utilizing metal hydrides
  • Electrochemical hydrogen separation and compression
  • Materials for hydrogen transport.

Research Methods in Batteries & Fuel cells

  • Machine learning in battery and fuel cell research.
  • Computational material design for ES &C.
  • Combinatorial and high throughput approaches in ES&C
  • In-situ/operando techniques in battery and fuel cell research

Prototyping, Life Assessment and Battery Recycling

  • Additive manufacturing in batteries and fuel cells
  • Prototyping in batteries and fuel cells
  • Life assessment and battery degradation
  • Battery recycling and active material development

The event will follow a 4-day summer school, mESC-School 23, which will take place just prior to the symposium.

We look forward hosting you in Akyaka-Mugla in July 2023. The place is within easy reach from two airports; Milas and Dalaman, with frequent international flights.

Abstract submission has begun on December 16th 2022 and will continue until May 15th 2023. June 1st 2023 .Selected papers from the symposium will be published, after due review process, as a special issue in Materials Research Bullettin

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